Overview status pallets in magazine in RFA-Pallet
  • Overview status pallets in magazine in RFA-Pallet
  • Reset the program in RFA-Pallet
  • Drag and drop the pallet to the loading position in RFA-Pallet
  • Edit the task-list in RFA-Pallet


RFA-Pallet software set for Robotloaders, including:

  • 1 Tablet PC Windows
  • 1 Compact Mini Wifi Nas Router, for a wireless connection between de Tablet PC and the robot controller
  • 1 License RFA-Pallet software
  • 1 Day explanation and training

RFA-Pallet including Tablet-PC for Robotloaders

With RFA-Pallet software, which runs on a Tablet-PC, the operator can easily choose the sequence of the pallets which are loaded by the robot in the machine. No programming skills are needed..

The robot will be instructed by the operator easily and quickly by a few tabs on the Table PC, by using RFA's intuitive RFA-Pallet software. The simple and clear menu's make RFA-Pallet very user-friendly.

RFA-Pallet is made for situations where pallets with identical same work pieces are loaded by the robot in the milling machine and where the machine-program is selected by the operator on the machine.  As an option the software on Tablet-PC will be expanded with the expansion module RFA-JobEdit, for the production management of mixed production, the surcharge for RFA-JobEdit is € 3,200.00.



Manual RFA-Pallet

Instruction manual, quick guide, for RFA-Pallet software system for Robotloaders

Download (919.39KB)