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  • Interface Modules set
  • Interface Modules set
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  • Power supply 24VDC 7,5A

Interface Units Set I/O 32/32 for Kawasaki E-Controller

Interface units set for all E-type Kawasaki robot controllers with 1TW I/O Board.

Included are: 

  • 2x modules each with 16 relays for totally 32 outputs
  • 2x modules each with 16 optocouplers for totally 32 inputs
  • 2x splitters
  • 1x set of 6 flat cables
  • 1x 24 VDC 7,5 A power supply.

Interface units set for all Kawasaki E-type robot controllers. This set is to be used in a separate cabinet, which will be attached to the robot controller. The long flat cables should be connected from the splitters to the dub-D connectors of the 1TW I/O Board in the Kawasaki robot controller.

Included are:

  • 2 modules, each with 16 relais for the 32 outputs of the 1 TW board in the Kawasaki E-Controller
  • 2 modules, each with 16 optocouplers for the 32 inputs of the 1TW board in the Kawasaki E-Controller
  • 1 splitter for the outputs
  • 1 splitter for the inputs
  • 1 set of 6 flat cables
  • 1 24 VDC 7,5 A power supply, for single phase 230VAC
IF Units Set 32/32 E-Besturing