Track Motion K-Track KRT500B
  • Track Motion K-Track KRT500B
  • Track Motion K-Track KRT500B

K-Track TRK500B

K-Track TRK500B is a longitudinal displacement on which Kawasaki RS-Series robots from the RS030NFE02 up to and including the RS080NFE02, including the RS015XFE02 and the RD080NEE03, can be mounted to extend the working range of the robot.

The K-Track KRT500B longitudinal displacement unit is made up of a robust welded steel construction on which 2 precision linear guides and 1 rack are mounted. The carriage is driven by a 2.0 kW Kawasaki servo motor, which is integrated as the 7th axis in the robot controller. The servo motor is brushless and has an absolute encoder.

Specifications KTrack KRT500A with a moving mass of up to 420 kg:

  • 2 kW servomotor with a reduction box 10:1
  • Maximum speed 2.0 m/s
  • Acceleration 3.5 m/s2
  • Repeat accuracy ±0.02 mm

Scope of delivery of the K-Track KRT500B:

  • 1 Longitudinal displacement frame L = 3m, useful driving length L = 2m
  • 2 precision guides
  • 1 rack and pinion
  • 1 gearbox for the servomotor
  • 1 energy chain
  • 1 carriage with base (H = 282mm from the floor), on which the robot is mounted
  • 1 Kawasaki 2.0kW servo motor
  • Control of the servo motor is integrated in the robot controller
  • Flexible robot cables L = 20m for mounting in the energy chain

The following Kawasaki robots can be mounted on the K-Track KRT500B:

  • RS030NFE02
  • RS050NFE02
  • RS080NFE02
  • RD080NEE03
  • RS015XFE02

The longitudinal displacement can be extended with modules of 1m. Please refer to product K-Track TRK500 Extension 1m Link

K-Track TRK500B


dwg file Kawasaki Track TRK500

dwg file Kawasaki robot langsverplaatsing TRK500

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K-Track Overview

K-Track Product Information and Technical Specifications

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