7th Axis Motor Set 2,0 kW BX200LFE02
  • 7th Axis Motor Set 2,0 kW BX200LFE02
  • 7th Axis Motor Set 2,0 kW BX200LFE02

Track Motor Set 2,0 kW for 7th axis BX200LFE02 Robot

A0-2.0kW-7-S External Axis BX200LFE02 Motor Set 7th axis , including:

  • Servomotor 2,0kW with straight shaft
  • Servo amp assy servo controller in the robot controller
  • Electronic parts set and harnesses in the robot controller
  • C1 Harness, flexible harness from the robot base to the 2,0kW servo motor L=2m
  • C2 Harness, flexible harness from the controller to the robot base L=15m

Servomotor set for a 7th axis for a track motion for a Kawasaki BX200LFE02 robot.

The Kawasaki 2.0kW servo motor is coupled to the base of the robot with 2 flexible cables of 2 meters long. (C1 cable set: power and encoder)
The robot control is connected to the robot base with 2 flexible cables for the energy chain of the longitudinal movement of 15 meters long. (C2 cable set: power and encoder)
The necessary control components are built into the robot control by RFA.

The servomotor set is designed to drive the carriage of a track motion. This motor is operated manually via the teach pendant and is programmed in the AS program of the robot controller. The control and programming of this brushless freely programmable servo motor is fully integrated into the robot controller.

The servomotor has a straight (cylindrical) output shaft with keyway.

Track Motor Set 2,0kW BX200LFE02


Servo motor 2,0kW

Techncal specifications Servo Motor 2,0kW

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