RFA Robotloader with RFA-Vision
  • RFA Robotloader with RFA-Vision
  • RFA Robotloader with RFA-Vision
  • RFA Robotloader with RFA-Vision
  • RFA Robotloader with RFA-Vision
  • RFA Robotloader with RFA-Vision loading DMG CTV160
  • RFA-Vision with supply system for aluminum die cast products
  • Tablet-pc with RFA-Vision

RFA-Vision with tablet pc

RFA-Vision set, including:

  • 1 CMOS camera GigE Power over Ethernet
  • 1 Camera Ethernet cable
  • 1 Objective f=9 or 12 or 25 mm. C-mount
  • 1 Tablet PC Windows
  • 1 Power over Ethernet Router
  • 1 License Dongle Image Processing software
  • 1 license RFA Vision software
  • Installation, programming and training are charged on the basis of actual costs

RFA-Vision on Tablet-PC for Robotloaders

In order to meet the growing demand for Vision systems for industrial robots, RFA decided in 1998 to develop the RFA-Vision system in-house. As a result of this early commitment and vast experience,  RFA offers a powerful, easy to use Vision system for a reasonable price.

 Since the introduction in 1998, RFA has delivered hundreds of Kawasaki robots with RFA-Vision, mainly for machine tending. Users of robots with RFA-Vision are very enthusiastic about the reliability and the user friendliness of the system.

Robotloaders with RFA-Vision are very flexible, because no dedicated magazines are needed. The work pieces are placed on a conveyor randomly. The camera of RFA-Vision recognises the work pieces and transfers the position and the orientation of the work piece to the robot. The robot picks the part from the conveyor and places it in the machine.

In February 2012 RFA has adapted RFA-Vision for Tablet-PC's, now all the operator has to do to teach a new work piece is to follow the clear and intuitive menu's. After a few tabs and swipes on the touch screen of the tablet-pc RFA-Vision is ready for a new job.

RFA-Vision met tablet pc


Manual RFA-Vision

Users Manual RFA-Vision

Download (1.71MB)

Information RFA-Vision Camera

Technical Information RFA-Vision Camera

Download (564.67KB)

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